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InnoLiving – Accommodations for New Arrivals in London

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InnoLiving – nyde bor i London fra den første dag på!

InnoLiving’s focus is on new arrivals to London. We understands you, because we have been standing in your shoes.

Avoid the serious grief of dealing with estate agents and navigating the quagmire of issues associated with credit and reference checking to secure permanent accommodation in London. The plethora of obstacles for basic needs is profound, mainly for foreigners. Even for EU citizens, it is next to impossible to open a broadband Internet account in London, if your credit history does not go back more than a year.

Det er også dybt dyrt at leje bolig, agent admin fees of £400 per person is not uncommon with six weeks security bond and one month rent in advance for locals. Foreigners, især studerende, are asked to pay the six-week security deposit and one year rent in advance. This is all impractical and because the rental demand is already extremely high, this segment of the market is typically ignored.



Your new home town: An amazing city with amazing opportunities for you

Our team are mostly foreigners and we have experienced these challenges first hand. We have spent years finalising the unique proprietary insurance policies and securing extensive funding to enable the ability to provide the InnoLiving accommodation solution.

Den InnoLiving Residence Club provides complete protection for members. Just imagine the security of your rent being paid for up to a year in the event that you have an accident, become sick or unemployed. This is a world-first and exclusive to InnoLiving. All furnishings and contents are covered and even your personal belongings in addition NO security bond and NO advance rent payment to move in, allowing you to enjoy unprecedented levels of value and customer satisfaction.