Social Housing

InnoLiving is a division of Central London Real Estate Ltd which is a subsidiary of Innohabitat Ltd, an international property developer of affordable townships in West Africa and affordable modular housing developments in London.

We are currently collaborating InnoLiving Developmentwith Boroughs in London to provide the construction of high quality modern affordable Social Housing solutions.  Our unique modular construction allows us to utilise undeveloped land secured on a five year renewable lease, where should it be required, the units can be easily relocated within a few days.

The modest size one bedroom apartment is ultra modern with traditional brick facade and gable roof to blend in to any community.  Featuring a double bedroom with builtin robe and ensuite bathroom in addition to the reasonably spacious kitchen, dining and living areas.


The four level walk up developments typically comprise of approximately 48 apartments built from fire retardant materials that have exceptionally high energy efficiency.

InnoLiving obtains the property management and a five year renewable lease for the apartments from the Borough, which is leveraged to provide a fixed return on investment to Buy2Let property investors. Alternatively, InnoLiving can facilitate a private mortgage facility to enable the Boroughs to convert their rent payments into the acquisition of the apartments.

InnoLiving Development Plan

InnoLiving intends to make a significant contribution to the housing stock in London having initiated private mortgage funding to construct 20 Developments of 48 apartments in each of the 33 Boroughs of London.

We are in the process of securing long term lease and the acquisition of development site land of 20,000 sq/ft or more in Greater London and intend to expand into high density cities in America and Australia in late 2020.



The InnoLiving solution is further supported by Podliving Residential Developments that are the missing link in the accommodation chain, acting as the affordable bridge into main stream long term rental accommodation.

Podliving is a residential development consisting of pod rooms that accommodate three adults in a uniquely designed double bed and single bed configuration with builtin draws, microwave, kettle and private ensuite wet-room.

Podotel The very stylish rooms include thermostatically controlled air conditioning/ heating, flat touch screen TV connected to Broadband Internet that also provides WIFI for personal devices, personal safe and secure key-card entry system. All linen, pillows, duvets and towels are provided and the rooms are cleaned and serviced weekly. High acoustic and thermal values together with low water and power consumption, ensures guest comfort whilst being eco friendly.

Podliving residential developments are ideal for new international arrivals intending to live in London, who find it impossible to rent property without references and difficult to pay the significant up-front bond and high rents into addition to the ongoing commitment of high Utility and Council Tax payments.  Even electricity, gas, water and broadband Internet accounts can be extremely difficult or impossible to obtain without references or local credit rating.

Podliving eliminates all of these hassles, exorbitant expenses and long term commitments in addition to providing an invaluable permanent fixed address to enable opening a bank account and assisting to obtain a personal mobile phone account that will commence the process of establishing a local credit rating.

EnsuitePodliving is a residential community that incorporate services such as Laundromat facilities, Car Parking, Day Care Centre and After School Club with Play Ground in addition to a commercial cafeteria providing affordable nutritional meals. There is an on-site reception office with duty manager 24/7, CCTV Security System and Security Guard 24/7.

Podliving residential developments are strategically located in close proximity or walking distance to major commercial area or industrial park or international airport to enable extremely high probability of securing employment within a short period of time.  Furthermore, the communities are directly on or near bus stops or train stations and incorporate a taxi and Uber rank.

InnoLiving Podotel Header

We are in the process of opening four new developments around Heathrow Airport, namely near the Upper Halliford Station, on Staines Road, Waysbury, on St Anselms Road, Hays and on Trout Road, West Drayton.  Expected opening in late second quarter of 2019.

Podliving is the idea solution for the provision of good quality emergency housing.

(Applications for Social Housing is via the applicable Boroughs.)