InnoLiving Residence Club

As a tenant of InnoLiving Serviced Rooms, Serviced Apartments and Home Offices, you become a member of the InnoLiving Residence Club. This is an unprecedented benefit package only InnoLiving can offer you.

The InnoLiving Residence Club - Rolling out the Red Carpet for you

The InnoLiving Residence Club – Rolling out the Red Carpet for you

Residence Club members enjoy the following:

  • Reference Check Charges, Security Deposit and Advanced Rent Payment.

  • 所有客房都配套齐全. 你只要放下你的手提箱,并开始生活.

  • Accidents, 生病或失业可以发生在任何人. 作为InnoLiving公寓俱乐部会员, 你保持平静, because 你把你的家在困难时期.

  • Furnishings and contents, even your personal belongings, are insured against damage or loss.

  • Comprehensive legal cover for accommodation, employment and personal issues.

  • 你的家是彻底收费适中每周和额外的家政服务,如洗衣机和熨烫清洗可用.

  • Unlimited broadband Internet, cable TV, water, electricity and council tax, are all is included in your rent. Fair use policy applies.

  • Change your accommodation according to your circumstances. InnoLiving Residence Club members have the option to easily move to a different type of accommodation or a different location without going through a new reference check. 只有一小部分的管理费.

  • Need a place to stay for your guests? 你得到的优惠待遇我们 让短 section at no admin costs.

  • Additionally, the InnoLiving住宅俱乐部卡 赋予你一个独特的系列购物的好处, dining, transportation and leisure in London.

如果看后你想租物业, there is a one-time membership fee of £99. 请与我们联系,客户经理将被任命参加您的具体要求.